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Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan film tells the story of Gita Sesa Wanda Cantika or Keke (Dinda Hauw), a 13-year-old teenage girl who was very lucky girl, because she was born from a very rich family. She have two older brothers and parents who doted on her. In addition, Keke also surrounded by six loyal sidekick who always accompanied him and his life was enriched by the presence of a lover who also loves him so much that is Andy's (Esa Sigit)

Everything seemed so perfect. Until then she was stricke by the cancer. Keke is a person with Rhabdomyosarcoma (Cancer Soft Tissue), first in Indonesia. Beautiful girl that was turned into a "monster" until forced to undergo a series of chemotherapy.

Movie Info
Director......... : Harris Nizam
Writer........... : Beby Hasibuan
Genre............ : Drama, family
Release.......... : 07 July 2011
Cast............. : Alex Komang, Dinda Hauw, Esa Sigit, Ranty Purnamasari, Dwi Andika, Egi John Foreisythe

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